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is having enough return on your assets. >> smith: most of my savings went to pay for my kids' educations. well, this is where fees would really hurt you badly as well. >> this is where fees would hurt you badly... >> smith: a divorce and the crash of 2008 didn't help either. it looks like my own personal fiscal cliff. i'm now planning to work for as long as i possibly can. this whole plan is predicated on working full-time until 70. >> yes. >> smith: and at 70? >> from age 70 to 75, i have you working part-time. >> smith: these days, many baby boomers are planning to delay their retirement. some may never stop working. it's hard. without knowing exactly how long you're going to live, it's difficult to guess how much you need to put away. >> most people seem to feel that at retirement, to be okay, you need ten or 12 times pay. and maybe 15. so if you make $100,000 a year, you need one and a half million to be okay. you need to save more, you need to start sooner. you can't start work when you're 20 or 22 and decide to get serious about this in your 40s. the boat has sailed. >> smith: so w
-line advertisements for both of the girls. there is a group out there now that is educating the community to recognize sex trafficking victims. >> if a girl comes to school with material needs that she didn't have before and starts talking about an older man who is acting as her boyfriend who she met on-line. that teacher, if they are trained can know to start asking more questions. >> hubert faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison. >>> parents talk to their kids about stranger danger. this is why it is important. an 11-year-old told police a man tried to grab her on her way home from school in glen burnie. she was able to get away. anne arundel county police put more patrols in the neighborhood and others are talking about this on facebook, including the girl's mother. >> she was just kind of letting other moms in the community be aware of the situation. she said she'll be cutting back her hours at work to be home, or pick up her daughter from the bus stop. >> police are encouraging parents to have kids walk in groups and stay in well lit areas. >>> so we are dry on this wednesday m
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)